A very special product in Trifelsland is the chestnut. Here they call them “Keschde”. The romans brought the chestnut as well as the wine to the Palatinate. Since then the chestnuts thrive here.

The Keschde should not be mistaken as the French chestnut the so-called Maronen. The Keschde are smaller and therefore more difficult to harvest and work with but all the work is worth it. The Keschde convince with their taste.

Especially in autumn when the chestnuts are ripe, you can find them on many different menus in the Palatinate. For example as a soup, a side dish traditionally with joint and red cabbage or sweet in chestnut ice-cream , chestnut cake or chestnut candies. In addition to that, there are many events concerning the chestnut, for instance the chestnut markets in Annweiler am Trifels, Edenkoben und Hauenstein.

In Trifelsland there actually is a chestnut princess. Every year the coronation takes place on the chestnut market in Annweiler am Trifels.


You can find more information about the events and the hiking path “Pfälzer Keschdeweg” on this homepage (German only).

The chestnut wonder

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