Almond Blossom

Pink is the color that the Palatinate shines in in spring. When the almond trees blossom it is a sign that the winter leaves and spring is here.

Then everything has the theme “almond blossom” or in German “Mandelblüte”. Many buildings along the German wine route are lighted with pink lights. In Trifelsland the Museum unterm Trifels and the peace chapel (Friedenskapelle) near the Pension Bergterrasse shine in bright pink.

You can’t just marvel at the beauty of the almond blossom but you can also taste it. There are lots of different sweets made of almonds at the Café Escher in Annweiler am Trifels. For example, you can try the almond cake or the delicious almond candy there.

A stroll through the almond trees is especially beautiful in Albersweiler and between Gossersweiler-Stein and Völkersweiler.

There are guided walks where you can also try some almond specialties. You can get more information about dates and everything about the almond blossom in the tourist information in Annweiler am Trifels.  

Almond blossom

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