Guided Tours

City Tours

Annweiler am Trifels, the second oldest town in the Palatinate. Learn more about the long and interesting history by strolling through the historic paths and alleys with a well trained local tour guide.

Tours are available in German, English and French.

You can also choose your guide to wear a historic robe.

From may to october there are free city tours every first and third sunday each month at 11 am.

You can also book seperate tours for groups.


Guided tour on the castle Trifels

Stroll the same hallways as king Richard Lionheart once did with a tour guide who tells you all sorts of interesting facts and stories about the castle and its change during history.

Tours are available in German, Englisch and French.

You can also choose your guide to wear a historic robe.


Book your guided tour by calling 06346 2200 or mailing




A stroll through wineyards or a hike in the forest. Everything is possible in Trifelsland...

Castles and ruins

Find out more about the Trifels and numerouse other castles and ruins.

Historic Trifelsland

Castle Trifels and the Staufer, tanners and Huguenots in Annweiler...

Tour guides

Get to know our multilingual tour guides in Annweiler am Trifels...

Villages in Trifelsland

Welcome in Trifelsland - between forest, vineyards and meadows, where the wineroute meets the Palatinate Forest


There are many different ways to experience the Trifelsland. One of the most amazing ones is by…