In the middle of the Pfaelzer Wald (Palatinate Forest) the "Trifelsland" is located, which is famous for its many castles. This region is full of green little valleys. Every season has its own charm. You can enjoy clear walking paths in spring, cool shadows in summer, impressing colors in autumn and calming peace in winter.

The romantic city of Annweiler is located in the heart of this charming region. In this city, history becomes alive for kids and adults. Annweiler and 12 other lovely places of the Trifelsland invite you to hike and cycle in this region. Here you can also try our traditional Palatinate light evening meal called "Vesper".

Villages in Trifelsland

Welcome in Trifelsland - between forest, vineyards and meadows, where the wineroute meets the Palatinate Forest


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There are many different ways to experience the Trifelsland. One of the most amazing ones is by…

Guided tours

Let King Richard Lionheart guide you through Annweiler and the castle...

Rainy weather?

It is pouring and you need some suggestions what to do?

Historic Trifelsland

Castle Trifels and the Staufer, tanners and Huguenots in Annweiler...