• Pfälzer Weinsteig Stage 8: Dernbach - Annweiler am Trifels

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    • Ascent
      603 m
    • Descent
      631 m
    • Difficulty
    • Duration
      5:00 h
    • Distance in km
      14,4 km
    • Highest point
      464 m
    • Lowest point
      177 m

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    Starting point of the tour
    Dernbach town center

    Destination of the tour
    Annweiler am Trifels, spa gardens

    A65 to the Landau-Nord exit, continue on the B10 towards Annweiler until the L505 bears right towards Dernbach

    In Dernbach


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    Public transportation

    By train to Albersweiler, then by bus to Dernbach



    Today we walk from Dernbach through woods and meadows to Eußerthal and onwards to Gräfenhausen, the most westerly wine-producing community in the Palatinate. The trail continues over the summit of the Großer Adelberg mountain, past the Krappenfels viewing point and down to the town of Annweiler, which lies at the foot of the majestic Trifels Castle.

    With Dernbach behind you  and the Deutscher Weinstrasse in front of you, the eighth stage invites you to a high altitude tour towards Annweiler am Trifels. A steep climb leads to the Sanatorium Eußerthal and through the wooded area on the slopes of the Walterkopf. Downhill through the  Eusserthal you will see the abbey church of a former Cistercian monastery from the 12th century. With blossoms in spring and the aroma of fruit, the orchards will accompany you up to the Steinernen Wegkreuz before you reach the gap tween Grüneck and Franzosenkopf where the Eselstränke ripples downhill. From the picnic area at the 3-Burgen-Blick you will see the Trifels Castle and the ruins  of Anebos and Scharfenberg. From the wine village of Gräfenhausen it goes uphill to the forest cabin at the Holderqelle, on the north side of the Großer Adelberg. A detour of approx. 500 metres will lead you to the  Jung-Pfalz-Hütte where, on weekends, you can have a snack. Once again, the Trifels Castle can be seen from the lookout point  Krappenfels, before arriving in Annweiler. In the old tanner’s  district of this town  the River Queich still drives  the wheels of the town mill.



    The 8th stage of the Weinsteig trail begins in the attractive village of Dernbach, nestled among the hills. From here, we climb uphill into the forest and arrive at the Eußerthal sanatorium (1). Easy forest paths bring us along the slopes of the Walterskopf mountain to the municipality of Eußerthal, with its parish church (2), site of a former Cistercian monastery. The trail continues through pretty orchards past a stone wayside cross (3) and up into the forest once again.On the sometimes steep climb up the pass between the Grüneck and Franzosenkopf mountains the clear, cold water of the Eselstränke springs quenches our thirst.

    On the descent to Gräfenhausen the 3-castle-view rest area (4) invites us to pause for a moment. Across from us, Trifels Castle and the ruined castles of Anebos and Scharfenberg rise up into the Palatinate sky. We walk through the small wine-producing village of Gräfenhausen and, after a long ascent on shady trails and paths, reach the Jungpfalz shelter and the Holderquelle fountain on the northern slope of the Großer Adelsberg mountain. It's worth making the short detour (approx. 500m) to the Jungpfalz hikers' hut, which is open at the weekends.

    It's also not far from here to the Krappenfels viewing point (5), where you will be greeted by a lovely view of Trifels Castle. A path brings us down the wooded slope to the Turnerheim restaurant and on towards Annweiler. In this small town on the River Queich, nestled at the foot of Trifels Castle, a historical town centre with a watermill, tanners' quarter and romantic alleyways awaits us.

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