• Pfälzer Weinsteig Stage 7: Burrweiler - Dernbach

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    General information about the tour

    • Ascent
      585 m
    • Descent
      639 m
    • Difficulty
    • Duration
      5:30 h
    • Distance in km
      17,3 km
    • Highest point
      547 m
    • Lowest point
      205 m

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    Starting point of the tour
    Burrweiler town center

    Destination of the tour
    Dernbach town center

    A65 to the Edenkoben exit, continue via Edesheim and Hainfeld to Burrweiler

    In Burrweiler


    Rother Bergverlag : Die Pfälzer Weitwanderwege Pfälzer Höhenweg, Pfälzer Waldpfad, Pfälzer Weinsteig. In 30 Tagen durch die Pfalz (Autor: Jürgen Plogmann). 140 Seiten mit 60 Farbabbildungen, 30 Höhenprofile, 30 Wanderkärtchen im Maßstab 1:75.000, eine Übersichtskarte. ISBN 978-3-7633-4401-7 Conrad-Stein-Verlag: Pfälzer Weinsteig (Autorin: Anne Bärbel Engelhart). 192 Seiten mit 17 Karten, 61 Farbabblidungen und 10 Höhenprofilen. ISBN 978-3-86686-380-4


    Public transportation

    Train to Knöringen-Essingen, from there take the bus to Burrweiler



    On the seventh stage of the Weinsteig trail, we can discover three more hikers' huts run by the Pfälzerwald-Verein (PWV, a local association), all in idyllic settings. In addition, walking around the Orensberg mountain gives us one of the most beautiful views of the Palatinate Forest and the Rhine plain.

    Long distance and panoramic views, a ruined castle and the rustic forest huts of the Pfälzerwald-Verein - these sights you will get to know during the 17-km tour of discovery. Following the red-yellow marked trail it goes first uphill to the St. Anna_Kapelle, from there the red-white grapes trail marker leads along the slopes of the Teufelsberg to the Trifelsblick-Hütte. From the terrace, the views are towards the south with the former imperial castle Trifels, the wooded summit of the Wasgau and the Vosges. The Ramberger Waldhaus lends itself to make  a stop before scouting the ruins of Neuscharfeneck with its walk-in tunnels and chambers. A few minutes later the trail continues along a tree-lined path to the Landauer  Hütte where the outdoor seating under trees invites you, yet again, to have  a break. Shortly before the stage destination, the Pfälzer Weinsteig invites you to  make a round tour of  Orensfelsen. Its viewing platform with a 270 ° panorama does not allow you to rest your eyes. Past the Landauer Hütte and the restaurant Dembacher Haus, the trail leads on to Dernbach.



    From Burrweiler, we take the crossroads which we passed the day before and return to the St Anna hikers' hut (PWV) (1). The trail then continues along the slope of the Teufelsberg mountain to the Trifelsblick hikers' hut (PWV) (2), which lies at 550m. Here we can enjoy the wonderful view from the terrace, which also gives the hut its name. The view reaches from Trifels Castle to the Wasgau mountain range and to the Vosges.

    Easy paths bring us through pretty forests along the Teufelsberg and Roßberg mountains to the next rest stop, the Ramberger Waldhaus (PWV) (3), where we can pause for a snack or a piece of cake to give us strength for the rest of our hike. The attractive forest path eventually brings us to the imposing ruins of Neuscharfeneck Castle (4), which was destroyed during the Thirty Years' War. From the castle it's not far to the Landauer hikers' hut (PWV) (5) in its idyllic woodland setting, where there are plenty of places to sit outside in the shade.

    We can also satisfy our hunger and quench our thirst here before taking on the circuit around the Orensberg mountain. The unparalleled 270° panoramic view from the large platform of the Orensfelsen rock (6) is worth the effort of the ascent. We then descend past the Landauer hut (PWV) and the Dernbacher Haus restaurant (7), with its great views, to the small village of Dernbach.

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