The release of king Richard Lionheart

It is the year 1193. The emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation holds one of the most powerful monarchs captive in the most powerful castle: the Trifels.
King Richard Lionheart, knight of the third crusade and king of England, is imprisoned there. 23 tons of silver are the price England has to pay for his release. At that time as well as today an incredible amount of money.
Led by his singer, Lionhearts supporters were already making plans how to rescue the English monarch.
Be part of the keen rescue mission and experience a story full of intrigues, the struggle for power and great bravery. Played by the greatly talented actor Markus Maier.

The play is only available in german.
Price: adults 10,00 € - discounted ticket 7,00 €
Ticket reservation: please reserve a ticket by calling 063462200.