Hiking and castles

What is more typical for Annweiler am Trifels than castles, ruins and long hikes through the Palatinate Forest? If you combine these two you get the ultimate Palatinate Forest experience.

Conquer castles, experience the medieval life and link it with hikes within a beautiful and divers landscape.With a click below you can learn more about the different castles, ruins and hiking trails in Trifelsland.

Play: Release of King Richard Lionheart

A play through history and the castle Trifels...


A stroll through wineyards or a hike in the forest. Everything is possible in Trifelsland...

Castles and ruins

Find out more about the Trifels and numerouse other castles and ruins.

Hiking lodges

Enjoy a typical palatinate meal during one of your hikes through the Palatinate.

Hikes for the whole family

Hikes to mystical ruins, near a river or playground but it should not be too far because you…